Top KPop Songs of 2014 – Top 3


This is it – the final part of my countdown!  These are my top songs of 2014!


3 – Purfles – “1, 2, 3”


The only female vocals that could overpower Mamamoo last year is fellow rookie female group Purfles.  Where Mamamoo lured you in slowly with their fantastic charm and class, Purfles let you know from the very. first. note. that they mean business.
This song is so powerful and that bass line in the chorus is fierce! That’s all I need to say.  Definite headphone with proper bass support is needed for this one.
If they continue with this type of sound and power, they will be extremely successful.


2 – Taemin – “Danger”


This is the one solo artist that really impresses me.  I have to admit, I started off as a SHINee fan, but dropped off after a few songs and when I heard that Taemin was going solo, I thought to myself, “The dancer?! Can he pull off a solo tack??” I soon after discovered that he very well could, and then some.

This is such a great track.  The sound is strong, crisp and clear.  The arrangement is near perfect and my absolute favorite part – 2:12-2:30 – I can put on a loop and never get tired of it.

This song, video and choreography (along with the subtle MJ influence) is top-notch.

What impresses me so much about Taemin is the fact that he’s extremely hard-working.  He never seems frustrated, annoyed or tired, he’s always working hard to get things done. And when he’s on the stage he is WORKING IT! He gives so much and puts out so much energry during live performances, it’s fantastic. He remindes me a lot of EXO’s Kai (she’s talking about EXO again!!) who has the same hard-working-dance-like-a-boss demeanor.  Kudos to the choreographers who know how to make Taemin shine and kudos to him for making that choreography look BOSS! The music video doesn’t give the choreogrpahy ANY justice in my opinion.  You’d have to watch a live performance to truly appreciate it.


So, after that glowing review, what could possibly top it?





1 – Seo Taiji – “”


For me, there was no competition.  When I first heard this song – I was literally transfixed.

Seo Taiji is the actual pioneer of KPop music.  It was because of him and his group Seo Taiji & Boys, that KPop was born.  Recently there was word of his comeback and it was quite anticipated.  This comeback was hyped so much that I had to take a peek at what all the talk was about.  And when I watched the video, I was SO impressed.

The sounds that I was hearing, the feelings I was feeling, I had never felt before.  Yeah, I know, it sounds dramatic, but it’s true.  I stared at this video in awe and amazement.  This was truly one of the best songs I’d ever heard. . .


Which songs did I miss? What songs are on your 2014 list? Share them in the comments!

Next week, I gush about my new favorite KPop male vocalist!  See you then!


2 thoughts on “Top KPop Songs of 2014 – Top 3

  1. I have to agree with your top 3! All there stood out from the rest and are so brilliantly infectious in their own unique way!

    Folks you missed as honorable mentions: SNSD’s “Mr. Mr.” and NS Yoon G’s “Yasisi”. there were more great songs I discovered at the end of the year, but that was after I conducted my own countdown. If I had, my top 10 list may have been very different. But again, I totally agree with your top 3!

    Who has impressed you so far for 2015? I have a few new faves! Curious who yours might be 🙂

    • It takes me a while to see a trend of good stuff so I don’t have any good ones on my list yet – afterall, that’s the main reason why my countdown focused on the latter half of last year.
      So far, though, I’m just really looking forward to the comebacks! I’m really excited and anticipating powerful comebacks from EXO, WINNER, GOT7, BTS and Shinhwa! Those should be good and you better believe I’ll have an opinion on them so stay tuned!
      Thanks for commenting! ^^

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