~ Awesome Saturday!~ With Electroboyz!

This week’s Awesome Saturday! featured song is “My Love” by Korean hip-hop group Electroboyz featuring Gaepart (a group from a Korean comedy show).

Ok, so this song isn’t new, it was released last year, but I just came across it recently and couldn’t not share it.

It’s just a nice refreshing song and a bunch of silly guys singing and dancing to it in what looks like the end of a long hard day in the recording studio right when the giddiness starts to set in.

What do you think of this week’s Awesome Saturday! selection?


Awesome Saturday! Nick Nola ~ Nkusiimye

This week’s Awesome Saturday! featured song is “Nkusiimye” (“I Love You”).

This track by urban fusion Ugandan artist Nick Nola is sure to get you grooving.

In fact, I’ll issue my usual, “Try-Listening-To-This-Song-Without-Moving-To-The-Rhythm” challenge for this one.

What do you think of this week’s Awesome Saturday! selection?


Awesome Saturday! Returns with Donkeyboy!

Welcome back to an all new すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! | Awesome Saturday!

The lucky group kicking off this revamped segment is Donkeyboy. Natives of Norway, I was initially intrigued by this group when I heard another great song of theirs, “City Boy“, the video of which is quite intriguing – a very different and refreshing interpretation of breaking away from the norm.  Check it out when you have a moment.

But it’s Donkeyboy’s latest single “Triggerfinger” that I’m featuring today.   I’m a sucker for a mean bass line and when you listen with the right setup, this one will make you move in that cool, grooving way (you know the way that I’m talking about).

In fact, that’s the case with many of this group’s tracks.  Perhaps I’ll be featuring them more in the future.

Thanks goes to Elle for introducing me to this group!

What do you think of this week’s Awesome Saturday! selection?


すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! is BACK – With a Twist!

As my about page states, this blog is about language and music from East Asia along with a sprinkling of other topics.

About a year ago, I started すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! (Awesome Saturday!), a segment where I highlighted the best of Asian Pop music every Saturday.

Now, it’s back – but with a twist.

Music and languages for me go hand in hand.  They are both a passion of mine.  You will always find me singing a song and grooving to a beat in another language.  While I’m singing along, you may ask, “what are they saying?”, and in  some cases, I would say, “I don’t know”. Granted, I look up these song translations so I understand the essence of what’s being conveyed, but overall, I’m just enjoying the song.

There’s that ever-popular phrase that music is a universal language.  No matter the language, it can evoke great emotion – good and bad – and that’s a very powerful thing.

So I’m bringing back すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! but now, I’m highlighting ALL music!  I’m talking African, European, Asian – ALL of it!
I’m hoping it will open up an even broader world of music than that of which I’ve already been exposed, as well as open up a new world of music and language for you.

I’m ready to find some newer stuff out there – and there is a LOT of good stuff out there!

Any suggestions? What should be my first すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! selection??


すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! ~Miss You~

M-Flo loves Melody. & Ryohei Yamamoto - "Miss You" - Rhythm Zone

Today’s すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! song is “Miss you”, by M-Flo loves Melody. & Ryohei Yamamoto.

All I can say for this song is:  TAKE ME BACK TO TOKYO!!!!!!  Oh, this song brings back SO MANY MEMORIES!!

I first heard this track by the collaboration-happy duo M-Flo, in an HMV music store in Tokyo.  The song was a featured CD on display and was available for preview through headphones (do they still do that?? I haven’t been to a music store in years).  The very first line of the song – uttered before the music even kicks in – hooked me from the beginning.  So much so, that I kept playing the part over and over again until I had my fill.  It set just the right tone and come on, it was polite:  “DJ, play that music louder, おねがい” – see?  She said, ‘please‘, how could you not want to listen to the rest of the song after such courtesy?

Now, 8 years after that enjoyably melodic moment, I’ve unearthed the memories.

This song, to me, is so smooth.  The relaxed groove, the subtle backing vocals in the verses, the aforementioned polite request to the DJ which makes a repeat appearance in the middle of the song, it’s all great!  And the beginning of the verse says it all, “Don’t know why this love gotta be 難しい(difficult)”.  Right?? Keep it simple and just enjoy!

This song was produced during a whole series of “M-Flo Loves xx” collaborations which lasted from 2003-2006.  During which time, M-Flo recorded singles with various artists.

The video, however leaves A LOT to be desired.  I mean, seriously, WHO directed this thing?? And that ending?? Come on, do the song some justice!  I have SUCH a better video for this song in my head.  In fact, I strongly suggest listening to the song without the video FIRST so that you can enjoy and appreciate the song.  Then, watch the vid.  ^.^

And poor, sweet, cutie Ryohei has no rhythm to save his life.  He did, however momentarily redeem himself with that かわいい (cute) moment from 2:53-2:57.

By far my favorite M-Flo collab song.

What do you think of this week’s すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! selection?



すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! Sonar Pocket – キミ記念日~生まれて来てくれてアリガトウ。~

Sonar Pocket ソナーポケット- 「キミ記念日~生まれて来てくれてアリガトウ。~」 - Tokuma Japan Communications

Today’s すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! song is 『キミ記念日~生まれて来てくれてアリガトウ。~』 by Sonar Pocket ソナーポケット.

The translation of this long song title is, “Kimi (Your) Anniversary ~ Thank You For Being Born~”.  All I can say to that is, DAMN.  Every woman’s dream is to hear the object of her affection tell her that!

In this case, we have 3 affectionate objects – Kodai (left), Eyeron (right) and Matty (the DJ in the waaay back of the pic with the orange shirt and dark jacket) – singing “Happy Birthday” (or “Your Anniversary”) and enjoying a celebration at an outdoor rooftop party.  Sounds good to me.

This single officially drops on November 7th so the video that’s been released is just a preview – but still enough for you to appreciate the song.

What do you think of this week’s すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! selection?



すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! Exile – Carry On

Exile - "Carry On" - Rhythm Zone

Today’s すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! song is “Carry On” by EXILE.

Yes, the song makes you long for the freshly-departed summer, but this song is very timely for me right now.

Ah, there’s nothing like a bunch of grown men running around and goofing of as if they were 6.  Love it!

And this is the EXILE that I love and miss – the “Shun-included” EXILE.  Co-vocalist, Kiyokiba “Shun” Shunsuke  (straw cowboy hat) left the band in 2006 and I personally think they haven’t been the same since.  Yes, they are even more popular now, but with their (seemingly) 56 members (okay, really 14) and overproduced tracks, I just can’t get with the current version of this group.

So instead, we look back on when the group was fresh, simple and enjoyable.

What do you think of this week’s すごい土曜日!| Sugoi Doyoubi! selection?