Japanese Cooking Days! Stuffed Peppers

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The main thing I learned while making this dish: looks aren’t everything. I got super-frustrated when my creation wasn’t looking like it did in the video recipe I was following, but shortly after the frustration, I was good. . . .

So, this is isn’t exactly a Japanese dish, it just happened to be one of the video recipes from the Japanese cooking series that I’ve been following.

I was immediately drawn to this dish because it’s fairly simple to make: ground beef and pork, mixed with onions, Shiitaki mushrooms, a few seasonings and you’re good to go.

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All was great when I started but, frustration kicked in when I had to turn to the stove.

So, supposedly dusting the inside of the green peppers was supposed to keep the meat mixture adhered to it – but that wasn’t really happening and on top of that, the mixture was also sticking to the pan.  I definitely had enough oil in the pan, but you know how pans get sometimes.  And, yes, using a non-stick pan as was used in the video could have eliminated this setback, but I don’t use non-stick pans.

In any case, once I was able to flip each pepper over, I could tell that all was not lost after all and that I had, instead, added some character to each little piece.

After they were done, I put together a quick sauce to drizzle over the finished product.

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I chose to add rice to the side and what an amazing combination it made.  The meat was tender, juicy and had a great taste to it – seasoned perfectly.  I was a little concerned that the extra sweet sauce on top would be overpowering, but it was exactly what the meat needed to complete it.

That taste was compliment extremely well with the crunchy, spiciness of the green pepper.  Such a great combination on the palette from texture to seasoning.

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Besides it’s ease to make, it’s extremely tasty and could be served with a combination of sides.

This is definitely a dish that I would prepare again – totally satisfied!




Beverage Pleasures


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As the saying goes, “I drink like a fish”.  Wait, that’s not what I mean to say. You see, I like to drink.  Hmm, this isn’t working. . .

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always preferred a refreshing drink.  People who know me well know that I could have a tall tumbler of a great-tasting juice over a full meal most days.  There’s something about fruity and refreshing that I’ve always loved.

I could drink all day.  In fact I DO drink all day (okay, “all day” is a bit of an exaggeration).  I could gulp down one beverage in a few minutes and the next, I’ll have a large glass of ice water (enhanced by a bit of lemon juice, of course). And the fact that I tend to take large gulps at a time only increases my chances of quickly finishing one drink and then moving on to the next.  (I’m learning to take shorter, more savory sips).

Also, my drinks HAVE to be chilled, if not a bit slushy-frozen.  I have a fantastic freezer that chills so efficiently that I can put a cup in for a few minutes in order to get the right amount of semi-iciness that makes for such a great treat.  My grandfather used to only drink room temperature drinks as he believed that cold drinks were a shock to the system.  But I say, “shock away!”.

Because I consider myself sort of a drink connoisseur and am constantly trying out different types of fabulous combinations, I figured, I would start to share some.

I recently came across this gem at Ikea.  I love most drinks with an apple or berry base so when I saw this combination of apple and lingonberry, I was immediately intrigued.  And it’s sparkling, too?! Even better!

This beverage truly has a unique taste.  It’s just sweet enough to satisfy and not at all overpowering and the lingonberry and apple marry well together.  In fact, without the carbonated element, this drink would still hold its own so the sparkling aspect is a nice added kick.  Extremely refreshing.

I’m not sure if these are available for a limited time or not so if you’re in an Ikea anytime soon and this sounds like something you would enjoy, I would definitely suggest picking up a bottle or 3.

I’ll share more beverage discoveries as they come along.

In the meantime, Happy Drinking!

That’s never going to come out right, is it? 🙂