In this day and age of the reboot – (Spiderman, Batman, Transformers, etc.) – I don’t feel so bad having to do the same to this here project of mine.

Japanese and I have had a love/not-so-love relationship over the years (it’s never gotten as far as the “H”-word) but it’s been a struggle trying to find middle ground-a neutral place where my emotions, thoughts and ideas about the language can just stay and hang out while I continue to learn – without pressure.  After all, the purpose of this project was to keep me focused on learning and track my progress while doing so.

Now I’m taking a more relaxed approach to learning (that’s what I’m telling myself, anyway) and once again this will be the place to do it – sharing Japanese language tidbits along with pop culture and traditional culture, too.

I’m also an international pop culture enthusiast so there will also be such posts sprinkled around along the way.

Marvel Comics and Michael Bay aren’t the only ones who know how to restart an idea!