Top 10 KPop Songs of 2014 – Honorable Mention


Not to be a tease, but before I unveil my top 3 songs of 2014, I feel it necessary to highlight other tracks that defined the year for me but didn’t make the main list.

Here they are!

Royal Pirates – “Love Toxic”

I love the distinct sound that Royal Pirates has.  It’s this great fusion of rock and pop with an overall feel-good vibe.

This is my favorite song of theirs so far.


Zhoumi – “Rewind”


I knew I’d like this song as soon as I saw the screen capture of this video.  Yes, the screen capture – I could just tell that it was going to be a light and fresh-feeling video.  And it is.
This video has both a Chinese and Korean version.  Both versions are great, but I have to say I prefer the Korean rap to the Chinese rap – but my love for EXO’s TAO and Chanyeol are the same respectively 🙂 Speaking of EXO, I love how they tried to appease me with these two as guest rappers thinking that it would give me the EXO fix that I’ve been needing – but it doesn’t.  I need a comeback. . . like tomorrow. 🙂


GOT7 – “A”

Going back to EXO for a minute – I promise we’ll get back on track in a bit – but the one thing that I have come to appreciate from my lack of EXO for most of 2014 was the fact that it forced me to discover other equally talented artists.  GOT7 is one of the artists that I discovered during the EXO dry-spell.
I find this track light and refreshing and just an all-around easy-going song.  Also, the piano chords that accentuate the bass line is a nice touch.


Tune in for the Top 3 songs of 2014 this Friday!