The Best Show You’re Not Watching: HUMANS


While perusing through my DVR’s On Demand catalog for a new show to try, I stumbled upon a real gem. When it comes to good entertainment, once I hear, “android” I’m on board almost immediately. I was a huge fan of the FOX show “Almost Human” and was so disappointed when it was cancelled. And of course, I’m a huge “Transformers” fan.  So, yeah, I’m all about robots in the fictional world.

So when I found out that this show centers around a time in the world when androids or “Synths” to which they are referred, are a normal part of everyday life and used as helpers for humans, I was very intrigued.

The main story centers around Laura, Joe and their family.  One day when Laura is away on a business trip, Joe, struggling to tend to the family makes the impromptu decision to purchase a Synth to take care of them.
Laura seems to be a bit uncomfortable with the idea of Synths in general so when she arrives home to a house-tending Synth, she is a bit in shock.
After a bit of convincing to try her out, as the rest of the family seems on board with the idea, Laura concedes.  They name their new Synth “Anita”.

Meanwhile we find out that Anita was taken from a group of Synths that appear to be on a different level than the others – they actually have feelings and are autonomous.  The group consider themselves family and once they get split up, they struggle to locate each other while keeping their true identities under wraps.

Even though she’s accepted it, Laura still can’t shake the feeling that Anita is more than she appears. One moment she is interacting in the precise and calculated way that one would expect an android to interact, but the next moment she’ll say something so ominously that Laura starts to believe that she’s losing her mind.

A sort of sub-story in the show is that of Dr. George Millican, a retired scientist who had a hand in creating Synths but is now having memory issues.  His faithful Synth, “Odi”, with whom he intersects like a son, helps him to remember his faded memories.  It’s for this reason that he refuses to upgrade Odi for a better functioning model.  He constantly and defiantly rejects his social worker’s insisting that he upgrade his “appliance” as the one he has is outdated and even malfunctioning.

This show, which airs on AMC Sundays at 9pm, is brilliantly cast.  Anita, played by actress Gemma Chan is absolutely stunning and she captivates every scene she is in.  She and the rest of the actors portraying Synths interpret their characters in a way that would have you questioning whether they were indeed artificial beings.

HUMANS is the type of show that with every episode has you intrigued and asking yourself the age-old question, “Could Artificial Intelligence eventually become self-aware?”

I look forward to finding out, but only in this fictional world.

Are you watching, “HUMANS”? What do you think of it? Share in the comments!